On May 30, 1975, the Csongrád Art Colony was established at the location of the former Czájlik vineyard, with the help of our city and a group of dedicated young artists. A studio building for sculptors, graphic artists, and painters was added in 1986. In 1990, we founded an international artist symposium, held annually ever since. Over nearly 50 years of hosting international events (concrete and bronze symposia; watercolor, printmaker, and blacksmith meetups; Plein Air and start Plein Air), we have had German, Polish, Lithuanian, Romanian, Indonesian, Argentinian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Czech, Croatian, Slovakian, French, Turkish, Serbian, Italian, Swedish, Swiss, Spanish, and Hungarian artists in residence.

Students from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Szeged, and the Art Academy at Passau University have been regular visitors for over 10 years. Young Austrian, Dutch, and German artists – novice sculptors from the University of Linz and the University of Groningen, and students from the Darmstadt Technological University – have also worked here. We host various development workshops at the art colony every year (e.g. aluminum casting, encaustic art, murals, or paper making).

In 2015, the art colony turned forty. To mark the occasion, the founding artists (János Aknay, Sándor Aranyi, Imre Bukta, Gábor Dienes, Károly Klimó, István Máté, Gábor Nagy, Tamás Szikora, Erzsébet Vojnich...) were featured in a joint exhibition.

The Csongrád Gallery provides an opportunity for resident artists to exhibit their work.

All things considered, we intend to continue working, providing space, learning, creating, talking, having fun, and building a community for a long time to come.